Those of you who have played in a casino before, even if only a few times, may have heard of the Martingale system, even if you didn’t know the term martingale. You may even have thought that you made it up. I definitely felt that way. It seems that this is the first concept of most players and it is expressed in the following sentence: “Sooner or later I have to win, right?”

However, this sentence is completely wrong for casino games based on the Martingale system.

But what is the martingale betting system? It’s simple: The player doubles his bet if he loses because he “has to win sooner or later, right?” It would look like this: The player bets € 10 and loses; now he bets € 20. If he wins by wagering € 20, he has made up for his original loss of € 10.

Bet on red in roulette

Don’t be too happy, however. If he loses with € 20, the player doubles it to € 40. If he loses again, he goes to € 80. If he loses again, he goes to € 160. If he loses again, he goes to € 320. If he loses again, he goes to € 640. If he loses again, he may go up to € 1,280, but many casinos limit players’ maximum bets. This € 1,280 could be too much.

Moment! That means a losing streak of six, seven (or eight) losses can ruin the player. Yes exactly!

Please consider: Martingale is something like the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Losing six to eight consecutive games sounds extremely unlikely; However, every roulette player has often experienced such long series with red or black, even or odd, or high or low. Casinos can limit the maximum bet per person, so such relatively short series can ruin a martingale player.

What can a player achieve if they reach the upper bounds of the martingale? Very little. Let’s stick to the amounts above. Even if the player wagered € 640 or € 1,280, their winnings would be just € 10 in the end. There is an enormously high stake for a profit of € 10. Each step of the traditional martingale system only brings in € 10. Non traditional martingales are even worse! If you have to play after Martingale, use the traditional system.

The Martingale technique can be summarized as a game against losses without winnings. It is a negative strategy that increases bets because previous games have been lost. It is true that the player will win this € 10 most of the time, but it is inevitable that the devastating streak of bad luck will come. The statement: “Sooner or later I have to win!” Should be changed to “Sooner or later I’ll get one on my hat!”.

Please consider: While a devastating loss with the Martingale system is inevitable, will you of course often win this € 10 by then? Is that enough to make up for the loss? No.

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